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User “Pam” - Rated 5 Stars

A fabulous story about love, friendship, family. About starting a new life, finding the right place to call home, meeting people you can call friends, finding the 'special one' you can call love. Carolyn is an amazing writer, and you can't help but falling in love with her characters.

From Skip’s Reading - Whispers From the Dark

This was a very nice read.  It was fun, funny and touching.  I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the story was fascinating. Lisa celebrated her 40th birthday by coming home to find her husband and her best friend in bed.  Not the best present in the world and really a life altering/shattering experience.  She left, not knowing where she was going, just driving and trying to come to grips with the events she had just witnessed.  After a one night stand that brings her sexual awareness to the forefront and a realization that she's spent the past 20 years in passionless, loveless marriage, she finds herself in New York and taking up a false identity to get the time to work her way through the changes suddenly thrust themselves at her.  Renting an apartment, finding a job and finding a sudden and electric attraction to her landlady, trying to work through her shock, fear and sudden sexual awareness shows an inner struggle that carries you along with this story on the edge of your seat.

Excellent story, great characters, an absolutely wonderful read.

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User “girloftheburbs”

"Finding Lisa" quite wonderful; Lisa discovers who she is after finding her husband cheating, and she finds a new life on her way. The train ride when she flees her home is quite an adventure, and she hides out in NYC under an assumed name, finding who she is and love along the way. [Carolyn’s] m/m stories, like "Seasons of Change" (get out the tissues!), and her "Healthy Obsession" series (with "A Risk Worth Taking", fun and sexy) are quite wonderful too. Check out her new "The Male Room" series.

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User “Stefanie” - Rated 5 stars

“This is actually the first book I wanted to take the time to give a review. I read this book over the weekend having a hard time to put it down. everything was so very well written I was very impressed with the characters and how much I could relate to them in my own life and some other people in my past. I got very wrapped up in the love story as it came about....kudos to you. very well written..thank you”

User “Anita McCoy” - Rated 5 Stars

“This was an excellent book it made me laugh and cry over and over again.

Some parts of the book was loving and the kids was great this is a book that I can read over and oven again and I did.”

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